Dodenherdenking bij het Kazemattenmuseum Kornwerderzand

Since 2012, I’ve made it a tradition to visit Kornwerderzand on the Afsluitdijk every Dodenherdenking (Remembrance of the Dead in the Netherlands) on the 4th of May. Because it’s a site with great history: here the Dutch army had some succes in preventing the Germans from breaking through the defence lines in May 1940. Because my mother’s roots are in Friesland, and it’s probably in my blood somewhere (although I don’t speak Frysian). And because of the absolute silence here with the IJsselmeer on one side of the 32 km long Afsluitdijk, and the Waddenzee is on the other. The photographs are a voluntary job for the Kazemattenmuseum Kornwerderzand.


20150504-kornwerderzand-022-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-033-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-034-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-054-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-070-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-078-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-095-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-101-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-144-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-153-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-162-1000px 20150504-kornwerderzand-163-1000px


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