Regelbau, German Atlantikwall bunkers

Regelbau is a study on the German standardized bunker from World War Two and its current state, both as a historical object and a part of present nature. A fascination for modernist materials, such as concrete and steel, and how time transforms these buildings into modern time ruins. But also, a fascination for the idea of building permanent fortifications and their form and size. In less than three years, tens of thousands of concrete structures were erected along the European coasts and far inland as part of the Atlantikwall.

For the last 15 years I have travelled the European continent to document these bunkers. It brought me to remote places and it helped me grasp the geography of war and peace, too.

The German bunkers show how practical solutions lead to modernist monuments. I also try to open a discussion on their history and whether we should preserve them for future generations, to remind us how far dictators go to preserve peace in their world.